Caput medusae (latin = head of Medusa). According to a Greek myth the beautiful Medusa was changed into a snake-haired monster by Atene, who caught her in the act of love with Poseidon. In a medical context it’s also the name of an abnormal skin alteration, that's protuberant vein netting reminds you of a snake's head ... 

... after 20 years in front of, backstage and on stage, we decided to found an own label in 2007. At first we had to invest in infrastructure and so we bought a little city mansion in the north of Hanover, which offers room for bureaus, a professional mastering studio and a visitors area.

What does Caput Medusae Records do ?:

The business of a label is the manufacturing and marketing of sound storage media. Therefore the label covers the whole financial risk of commercialisation. As a small label we see the chance of standing our ground on the market by confining ourselves to covering just a small niche of the diversified music sector. For us this means: Gothic music with expressive voices as featured in bands such as: dead can dance, black rose, nick cave etc.. If you can identify yourselves with that contact us!

We're always interessed in young Bands - so please send us your Demo-CDs

Beside new Artists we're also interessed in Cooperations! If like to remix a  song of our artists or if you have written some lyrics or want to make a video with the band, we'll be happy if you contact us!

What kind of contracts are concluded ?:

We only license to a master tape! That means we don’t bear the costs of production, but you send us the finished master tape. We polish your recordings in our mastering studio, design a CD cover in cooperation with you and take it to the pressroom. As soon as the CD is finished we try to sell the music for you. For sales promotion we sample key personalities such as DJ´s, editors etc. who we mostly know personally. From the proceeds we receive a stipulated share.

What we can provide:

- fabrication and sale of your music in europe.

- professional mastering and artwork; we have a recording room and a singing cabin, where you can record if required.

- help and advice concerning musical and singing problems.

- basic legal support. For in depth knowledge we are in contact with lawyers and tax accountants, experienced in the music business.

- sampling of deciders of the industry.

- professional distribution-We use the distribution network of an established distribution company.

- organising of concerts to offer A&R people of major labels the possibility of seeing you perform live.

- support with technical problems, at your studio or live performance

What we can't provide:

- We can’t produce an high-priced music video of 100.000 Euros.

- We can’t rent a big sound studio, where you can record.

- we are no booking agency and therefore arrange no gigs except our own concerts.

- We can’t make you famous over night!

To cut a long story short: We don’t relieve you of all troubles, costs and risks the music industry implies, but we see ourselves as partners on the mission to built you up as musicians and make you interesting for major labels. We won’t stand in your ways if your great breakthrough should come one day! As a matter of course we are no social association and do not have the financial resources major labels have, but nevertheless we can make a lot possible!

Our common purpose we are trying to archive is to make your music heard by an preferably expanded audience.

If you are interested you can simply send us your demo tape or CD or contact us via the contact form.